Wufoo forms are the bee’s knees. We use them for all sorts of web goodness; they save us time on every project.

Though you can make them beautiful through CSS, you hit a snag when you find out the CSS file needs to be hosted on a secure server to make them work.

Solution: WufooSSL
Quickly and securly store all of your CSS files for Wufoo (or other services) for a ridiculously low fee while avoiding the hassle of setting up your own SSL certificate!

Should we also mention it’s super-duper easy?

Upload a Stylesheeet

Wait, what? You mean I don’t have to mess with setting up a server and installing an SSL certificate?

Nope. But if you’re interested here’s the going rate for that type of stuff…

$250 + $17/mo Average price of SSLAverage price of
quality shared host


1 secure stylesheet

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5 secure stylesheets

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Unlimited secure stylesheets

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